Natural stone polished diamond disc KGS Speedline MM2A

Supplier KGS . Polished Diamond Disc, Floor Restoration

✅ What's outstanding about KGS floor polishing and restoring diamond discs for factories?

✔️ High gloss, sustainable natural

✔️ Low product cost, high economic efficiency

✔️ Durable KGS diamond disc

✔️ Natural polishing without the use of chemicals

✔️ Does not affect, or stain the color of the stone

✔️ European standards and quality

✔️ Specially designed and specialized for scrubbing machines, polishing lines with high weight and pressure, to achieve high efficiency.

✅ KGS polished and restored diamond discs provided by TKT mart

TKT Mart provides a full line of KGS stone floor polishing and restoration discs including:

For all floor types: Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete, Ceramic Tiles, Grinding Stone, Vinyl, Wood...

Suitable for all types of cleaning, floor grinding, floor polishing machines: Hand grinder, Single floor scrubber, Combined machine, Industrial polishing machine, high speed polishing machine, stair grinder

Application to restore and polish stone floors

Daily floor cleaning application, cleaning heavily soiled floors

With the diverse supply of KGS's diamond polishing and floor cleaning discs, TKT Mart fully meets all the requirements of customers in cleaning, restoring and polishing floors of all kinds.

✅ Why choose diamond grinding discs provided by TKT mart?

These are the reasons why TKT Mart has been trusted for the past 10 years

Commit 100% truth.

KGS diamond grinding discs provided by TKT Mart have all been tested and used on a large scale at the works of TKT Cleaning, TKT Maids, TKT Carpet, TKT Factory, members in the field of industrial hygiene , polishing, floor restoration of TKT. We select products by our own experience. Therefore, we are confident that the products we provide are the most practical and effective.

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