Floor polishing and cleaning pad

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What are polishing pads and floor cleaning pads

Polishing pads, floor cleaning pads are synthetic fibers that are woven into round sheets of different sizes from 30 to 60 cm suitable for attaching to floor cleaning, scrubbing and polishing machines

Polishing pads, hygienic pads with fibers from rough to smooth abrasives for a wide range of applications in cleaning requirements from Old Deck Restoration, Polishing, Heavy Floor Cleaning, Floor Cleaning day

Where they are applied: For all types of floors from natural stone floors (marble, diamond, grindstone - marble, granite, terrazzo), glazed tile floors, concrete floors, plastic and wood floors. ..

The polishing and sanitary Pad supplied by TKT mart

TKT Mart provides a full range of polishing and sanitary Pad including:

  • For all types of floors: Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete, Ceramic, Grinding Stone, Vinyl, Wood ...
  • Suitable for all types of cleaning machines, floor grinding, floor polishing: single floor scrub, combined machine, polishing machine, high speed polishing machine
  • Application to restore, polish stone floors
  • Application of floor cleaning daily, heavy floor cleaning is dirty

With the diverse supply of floor polishing and sanitary pad, TKT Mart fully meets all requirements of customers in cleaning, restoring, polishing floor types

Why choose Pad provided by TKT mart

These are the reasons why TKT Mart has been trusted for 10 years

  • 100% true commitment.
  • All kinds of Pad supplied by TKT Mart have been used for testing and used extensively at the projects of TKT Cleaning, TKT Maids, TKT Carpet, TKT Factory, and members in the field of industrial hygiene of TKT. We select products by our own experience. So we are confident our products provide the most practical and effective
High Quality, Durable, Long Lasting  Floor Polishing & Cleaning Pad | TKT Mart

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