KGS Polishing and Cleaning Pad

KGS polishing and cleaning pad supplier

What is outstanding in the KGS floor polishing & cleaning

  • Exclusive Ferron technology has high wear resistance, durable
  • KGS polishing pad with high abrasion resistance, temperature resistance
  • Can use both dry and wet
  • Reduce grinding time and floor cleaning
  • No need to use chemicals
  • European standards and quality, produced in the Netherlands

KGS polishing and toilet lines supplied by TKT mart

TKT Mart provides a full range of polishing pads, KGS sanitary covers including:

  • For all types of floors: Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete, Ceramic, Grinding Stone, Vinyl, Wood ...
  • Suitable for all types of cleaning machines, floor grinding, floor polishing: single floor scrub, combined machine, polishing machine, high speed polishing machine
  • Application to restore, polish stone floors
  • Application of floor cleaning daily, heavy floor cleaning is dirty

With the diversified supply of floor polishing and cleaning pads of KGS, TKT Mart fully meets all requirements of customers in cleaning, restoring, polishing all kinds of floors

KGS Floor Polishing & Cleaning - European Quality Standard | TKT Mart

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