Granite Polishing Disc KGS

Supplier of stone polishing KGS diamond disc for power tools

Outstanding of stone polishing KGS diamond disc for power tools

  • High gloss, sustainable nature
  • KGS diamond disc is durable
  • Natural polishing does not require the use of chemicals
  • Does not affect, or stain the stone
  • European Standards and Quality
  • Ideal for polishing marble
  • Long lifetime
  • Delivers a highly polished surface
  • No decolouration of stone surface
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Stone polishing KGS diamond disc supplied by TKT mart

TKT Mart provides a full range of Stone polishing Diamond disc KGS including:

  • For all types of floors: Granite, Terrazzo, hard marble ...
  • Specific for power tools machine
  • Application to restore, polish stone

With the diversified supply of polished and hygienic diamond diamond discs of KGS, TKT Mart fully satisfies all requirements of customers in cleaning, restoring and polishing stone

Why choose Pad provided by TKT mart

These are the reasons why TKT Mart has been trusted for 10 years

  • 100% true commitment.
  • KGS supplied by TKT Mart all kinds of diamond grinding discs have been used for testing and widely used in the works of TKT Cleaning, TKT Maids, TKT Carpet, TKT Factory, and members in the defense field. industrial, polishing, recovering floors of TKT. We select products by our own experience. So we are confident our products provide the most practical and effective
Polishing Diamond Disc Granite Top 1 KGS Swiss √  Super Efficiency

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