Carpet cleaners

- Carpet washing machine is specialized for cleaning, vacuuming, removing stains on the surface of carpets and sofas.


- Carpet washing machine can be used to clean a variety of furniture materials such as fur fabric, felt fabric, synthetic fiber ... The machine ensures cleaning carpets, sofas, house cleaning, does not affect children's health. people like bacteria, mold, etc.


- Vacuum carpet cleaning machine is suitable for use in houses, offices, hotels, carpets located in shops, floor coverings in commercial centers ...


- TKT Mart provides portable carpet cleaning equipment. The product is extremely convenient, compact design, light weight to move and clean small corners of sofas, car interiors ...

Carpet, Rug washing machine Durable - Nice - High performance


  • Bissell carpet cleaners

    - Bissell is a brand that provides products to support cleaning houses, workplaces ...


    - Products of this brand such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers... especially carpet washing machines, sofa washing machines.


    - Bissell carpet cleaner is the perfect choice for quickly vacuuming dirt and debris, pet hair on carpets and chairs. With maximum cleaning performance. Vacuum cleaning, carpet cleaning effect almost immediately.


    - Light weight, you can easily move, bring scissors to many places. Women don't have much of a problem using them.


    - With good product quality, high operating efficiency helps you save time and effort.


    - TKT Mart provides genuine Bissell hand-held carpet cleaning equipment with good quality and reasonable price. At the same time, the warranty and return policies are clear and specific.

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