Product warranty policy


Please check the goods carefully, compare products with vouchers, warranty cards (if any) before receiving the goods to ensure your interests in the Exchange / Return and Warranty Product.

The definition of "Product Warranty" is: correcting errors, technical problems that occur due to the manufacturer's fault.

1.1. In case of warranty

- In case the failure is determined by the manufacturer's fault and there is still a warranty period.

- The product has no third-party intervention signs (external repair).

- Series numbers, seal on the product and warranty card must be the same, intact, not torn or shaved.

- Commodities are not affected by the environment (water repellent, corrosive chemicals, thermal impact causing deformation).

- Goods will be repaired and free shipping for warranty delivery with customers in Ho Chi Minh City. For non-inner-city customers Ho Chi Minh City we will support warranty and free shipping.

1.2. Cases not covered under warranty

- Products that cannot identify the source of purchase at TKT MART, TKT MART reserves the right to refuse warranty.

- The product has expired on the warranty card or the warranty card.

- Warranty card, or warranty stamp torn, no warranty stamp, warranty stamp overwritten or modified.

- The warranty card does not contain a serial number and the date of purchase.

- Serial number on the machine and Warranty card does not match or cannot be determined for any reason.

- The product is damaged by mechanical impact of dropping, breaking, bumping, scratching, dented, damp, rusty or caused by fire or natural disasters.

- The product has signs of damage caused by rodents or insects invading.

- The product is damaged due to improper use of the manual, using the wrong voltage.

- Unwanted dismantling, changing product structure, misusing instructions, using improper accessories.

- Products purchased at TKT MART but beyond the warranty period, our Company will provide a repair service for you.


- In the case of goods purchased by you at TKT MART but in the Cases without warranty mentioned above, we will receive a repair fee (if you request).

- The repair fee will be negotiated with TKT MART with you.

Any other questions please contact TKT Mart for answers

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