Payment method at TKT Mart

Thank you very much for your order at TKT Mart. Please check carefully the goods, compare products with vouchers, warranty cards (if any) before receiving. In case you ask a relative to receive the goods, you should pay attention to the person receiving the goods, you should check carefully before receiving and paying. You can choose one of the following payment methods when ordering or when dealing with salespeople (applicable to domestic customers).

Please note: In any form of delivery and payment, we provide full documentation such as: Sales invoice, or (and) Delivery note, or (and) Delivery records, or (and) Payment receipts, or (and) Financial invoices (if requested by the customer) to ensure that you are buying and using TKT Mart's services.

1. Pay directly at the office, warehouse of TKT Mart

If you want to view and buy goods directly at the office, warehouse of TKT Mart, please pay directly with CASH via TKT Mart's sales staff, details of transaction address as following:

Office address: 9th Floor, GIC Building, 161 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Tp. Ho Chi Minh. Telephone No. 028.66.830.930 - 028.66.830.931

Warehouse address: 46/12/28 Tan Hoa 2, Ward Hiep Phu, District 9, Tp. Ho Chi Minh. Hotline 09.05.356.285

2. Delivery of money at home (COD)

This is a form of payment and delivery at home, we are currently using the following two forms of home collection:

2.1. TKT Mart employees deliver and collect money at the customer's house

- For customers in the TP area. Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, TKT Mart staff will deliver at home (if customers request).

- As soon as you check and receive the goods, please pay directly to TKT Mart's delivery staff in cash.

2.2. Bank transfer

Details of bank account and beneficiary information are as follows (You can choose to transfer money to TKT Mart according to the bank information below:

  • Account name: TKTG Trading & Services JSC
  • Account number: 0071000681875, open at Vietcombank transaction office in Ham Nghi, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, HCMC

3. Online Payment on TKT Mart website

TKT Mart accepts Online payments via Paypal with orders smaller than 20,000,000. For orders larger than 20,000,000 forms of bank transfer payment are arrests.

Payment information via Paypal of TKT Mart: email


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TKT Mart - The Trusted Cleaning Mart
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Hotline: 09.05.356.285
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